Great Britain Parliament

Great Britain Parliament - The Parliament of Great Britain is the Government of Great Britain, its Lands and Mandates. In the Parliament are two Houses. The House of Lord and the House of Commons.. The Parliament of Great Britain was formed in 1707 following the ratification of the Acts of Union by both the Parliament of England and the Parliament of Scotland.. Great Britain, as part of the United Kingdom, is subject to a constitutional monarchy form of government in which a figurehead monarch, who was Queen Elizabeth II as of the summer of 2014, holds more symbolic than actual power and most of the actual governance is performed by a parliamentary system, which includes elected and appointed officials..

Great Britain: from1707 The inhabitants of Britain - the island containing England , Wales and Scotland - live in a state of some confusion over their group identity. Their cars, travelling abroad, display the letters GB (for Great Britain).. English: The Parliament of Great Britain was the combined Parliament representing England, Scotland and Wales existing from 1707 until 1801 when it merged with the Parliament of Ireland to form the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.. Author of Rating (former agricultural premises and rural shops)bill, Limited Liability Partnerships Bill (HL), Lords Amendments to the Employment Relations Bill, Homelessness Bill, Regional Assemblies (Preparations) Bill, Northern Ireland Arms Decommissioning (Amendment) Bill, Criminal justice (mode of trial) (No.2) bill, Electoral Fraud.

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Great Britain is the ninth largest island on Earth and has an area of 80,823 square miles (209,331 square kilometers). England occupies the southeast portion of the island of Great Britain, Wales is in the southwest, and Scotland is in the north..